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The future of Electric Fiddler.com

Dear friend, dear visitor,

a couple of years ago I started this website with a lot of great intentions. As it often goes in life, other personal and professional activities started to take up my time, and those who visited this site regularly already know: I have almost no time left to maintain it and to do what is needed to keep this site alive.

Nevertheless I do believe that there is a need for projects like this. The site gets a fair amount of traffic and I keep getting emails from people with great suggestions. Since I like to spend my rare spare time playing music, I am looking for candidates to take over Electric Fiddler.com.

If you are interested send me a decent offer, including your plans with the website. The site can be taken over "as is", including the database and content. I am not in a hurry, so I only want tot consider an offer that convinces me that you have a positive plan with the site.

Alternatively, I am also open to people who don't want to take over the site but are just interested in helping me to maintain it (forum moderation, promote activity ...).

For everyone who is interested: mail me: electricfiddler AT kommisja DOT org.

Thanks for your support!

New Fishman Pickups for Violin, Viola and Cello

Fishman originally built its reputation by developing pickups that literally changed the way acoustic stringed instruments were heard and experienced in live performance situations.

Now the company introduces a new line of premium pickups for Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin and Resophonic Spider-style guitar.

Electric violins on the web

- Silveraintr has a short discussion on King Kong: Ponty plays Zappa, a 1969 collaboration between Frank Zappa and fusion/jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty.
- Cassandra complains about her cheap electric violin.
- Ben Kettlewell wrote a long piece on alternative MIDI controllers. Synthesizers can be driven by a range of interesting interfaces besides the conventional keyboard, and violins are a very interesting alternative. His post includes a short discussion on the Zeta range of MIDI violin equipment.

Movie: making of an electric violin: Vector Prodigy

A movie showing how a vector Prodicy violin is made. It shows into great detail all production steps of this electric violin.

Mark Wood: more about his electric violins

This is post 1 in a series of articles about the work of legendary fiddler, manufacturer and producer Mark Wood.

Wood SabreWood SabreMark Wood is not only a well known and influential electric violinist, he is also the founder, owner and operator of one of the most exciting electric violin companies in the world. The slogan of Wood Violins "Finally it's cool to play the violin" underlies its ambition to allow violinists to explore grounds that were previously the territory of guitar players.

The violins of Battlestar Galactica

Composer Bear McCreary, who has done the scores of the Battlestar Galactica TV series blogs about his music and the instruments used. He has scored some other TV and movie productions, but this one is probably his most impactful work thusfar.

Tiësto & Mason - dance DJ & violin

This video clip shows a performance of the dutch DJ Tiësto together with a violin performance of Mason. Tiësto is currently one of the absolute top DJs in the dance world. Mason is a DJ who experiments with integrating electric violin and effects into DJ sets. When Tiësto saw him playing, he asked Mason to join him during parts of his world tour. This clip was recorded in the Gelredome Stadium in Arnhem, Holland, while they were playing for an audience of 25.000 people.

ISI - Ithaca Stringed Instruments

We are still missing a number of luthiers in our instruments directory. Today I added ISI / Ithaca Stringed Instruments. This New York workshop is led by Eric Aceto, and he kindly offered some more information.

ISI NV - 6 stringISI NV - 6 stringEric Aceto is now specialized in (amplified) acoustic instruments. He had exciting times working with Ned Steinberger before, making solid body violins. Tiit Kikas apparently has one of these prototype Steinberger Instruments. Today Eric is not so much interested anymore in solid body violins: "It is, I feel, not capable of the type of tonal color that I am looking for in an instrument. "

T.F. Barrett stops taking orders for new electric violins

The homepage of T.F. Barrett shows the following message:

Ed Alleyne-Johnson Busking with Electric Violin in Chester UK

This must have been an amazing experience. Ed Alleyne-Johnson, well known in the electric violin world, busking on the streets of Chester, UK, with his self-designed violin and entire electric setup. This movie was recorded in May 2006. Great sound for a street recording!

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