T.F. Barrett stops taking orders for new electric violins

The homepage of T.F. Barrett shows the following message:

"After nearly 25 years of designing and building electric violins, violas and cellos, T.F. Barrett is no longer accepting orders for new instruments. The reasons are many, but primarily the decision has been made to allow more time to dedicate to the repair and restoration of vintage and contemporary acoustic and electric guitars. Tucker Barrett is available to maintain and/or repair existing violins, or for obtaining parts when needed. "

T. F. Barrett Koa Luma - cutawayT. F. Barrett Koa Luma - cutawayT. F. Barrett was a unique luthier on the electric violin market. From their first EV-5 acrylic electric violin to the current Luma, these instruments were ahead of their time. The Luma instruments existed in an acrylic form and a wood model. T. F. Barrett instruments typically consist of a thin top and back plate, suspended across a span that allows specific movement of the plates to give a more open (acoustic) sound to the instrument. The wooden and acrylic Luma instruments each had their own tonal characteristics: The wood version utilized the warmth inherent to the selected woods, while the acrylic version was tonally inert but had a remarkable presence.

For more information on these instruments check the T. F. Barrett profile page.

UPDATE: the T.F. Barrett website has now disappeared.

T. F. Barrett Luma - Blue Acrylic - 5 stringT. F. Barrett Luma - Blue Acrylic - 5 stringT. F. Barrett Luma - European maple - 5stringT. F. Barrett Luma - European maple - 5stringAcrylic T. F. Barrett EV-5 Luma instrumentAcrylic T. F. Barrett EV-5 Luma instrument

newly obtained T F Barrett T3 violin

Yesterday I won a vintage T F Barrett violin but didn't really know what I had until I found this web site. I would really like to see some pictures of these first models,(like the one I have) and find out any other info on them. Thanks