Short description:

Epoch Instruments produces a range of innovatively designed instruments, that try to bring together the advantages of modern knowledge of dynamics, production methods and materials and the 400 year old design of the conventional violin, without destroying its wonderful musical qualities and aesthetics.

The Epoch is a unique and highly original patented design. Originally designed as an economical but good quality student instrument, this design particularly suited electric applications – not only are these world class instruments, they are extremely rugged and versatile being particularly suited to the ‘gigging’ musician.

An Epoch instrument offers maximal playability and dynamic range. It is very robust and can be maintained by the student or teacher using interchangeable replacement parts. No expert fitting is required for the bridge or sound post. Modern materials and glues are used, making the instrument practically impervious to adverse climatic effect. Their acoustic output and dynamic range is about twice that of the standard violin. Their increased resonance make them very easy to play and to “find the note”. The bridge comes ready cut and grooved for the strings. A kit is available for fitting the violin for electronic amplification.

All Epoch instruments (with the exception of the cheaper violins) use the latest developments in applied carbon fibre technology.



Acoustic Series: our original basic wood laminate instrument

Electric Series: an upgraded acoustic series instrument with a pickup.

Professional Series: with the exception of the VP4 (but including the VP4C) these instruments have carbon fibre laminate plates and come fitted with a preamp.

Master Series: these instruments all have carbon fire plates. These are acoustic instruments although there is an electric (E) variant which is fitted with a pickup.

Flag Series: these are Professional Series instruments with a ‘flag’ design finish.

Custom Series: these are everything else but are usually standard instruments with a special finish and/or adornment.