T.F. Barrett

Short description:

T.F. Barrett Co. is a small production shop involved in the research and construction of electric violins, violas, cellos and associated hybrid variations. Each instrument is individually made by luthier, Tucker Barrett.

T. F. Barrett previously gathered attention for the EV-5 acrylic electric violin, which was ahead of its time. Its design has led to the current electric violin series, called 'Luma'. It exists in two forms: the Luma acrylic electric violin and its more traditional cousin, the Luma wood model. The design of the Luma series is based on a thin top and back plate, suspended across a span that allows specific movement of the plates to give a more open (acoustic) sound to the instrument. Since piezo transducers pickups are sensitive to the type of surface they are placed on, this results in a tonally very different sound for the wood and from the acrylic model: the wood still contributes to the sound which results in added warmth, whereas the acrylic Luma is tonally inert but offers the highest presence.

Note: in 2006 T.F. Barrett announced that he stopped taking orderes for new violins , in favour of guitar repair and restoration work.


All models come equipped with Barbera Transducers Systems pickups as standard equipment.


The wood and acrylic 'Luma' models are offered in 4, 5, and 6-string formats.