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Yamaha is well known as a manufacturer of guitars, synthesizers and a range of other instruments, but they also produce electric violins.



Yamaha has two product groups. Both are electric violins in a technical sense, but they are aimed at a slightly different audience. We'll cover both below:

1. Silent Violin

The silent violin is an instrument developed to enable musicians to practice and play without 'disturbing' their environment. These instruments combine playability and flexibility under all circumstances with the freedom of being able to play or practice anytime, anywhere. There are tow types:

- SV-120/120S
The SV-120 has a built-in reverb chip with three variations (Large Hall, Medium Hall or Room), input (for CD or MD...) and output connections. The SV-120S is a full set version that includes the SV-120 Silent Violin, a hard case, plus nearly everything to get started.
- SV-200
The SV-200 uses a two pickup to improve the dynamic range. Pickups are mounted under the bridge with one under the leg on the high string side, the other under the leg on the low string side. Besides monaural Line Out jacks, the SV-200 also offers stereo headphone output. A Special EQ circuit offers the possibility to adjust the overall tone and sound produced by the instrument.

2. Electric Violin

The Yamaha electric violin is built for musicians that need a powerfull and expressive electric violin.

- EV-204 and EV-205
This Electric Violin has a solid one-piece body from maple. The soundboard is a single piece of maple extending from the neck down to the chin rest. The pickup system consists of individual sensors for each string, mounted in a specially designed bridge. Each sensor is housed inside a pendulum upon which the string rests at the bridge. The signal is strong enough to make a preamp unnecessary. This instrument has a small built-in mixer, which provides level controls for the individual sensors and the master. Gear type tuners eliminate the need for fine tuners. This electric violin is available in a 5-string (EV-205) and 4-string model (EV-204).