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Zeta is probably the most widely known electric violin maker. They are specialised in electric bowed instruments, and offer a wide range of electric violins. We mention a few below.


The Jazz pickup produces a clean, pure violin tone in analog mode, that is favored by artists like Jean Luc Ponty. This clean sound, as well as the fact that the signal from each individual string can be totally separated, makes this the pickup also ideally suited for MIDI applications (for which an external processor needs to be purchased).

The Strados pickup delivers a warm, rich, distinctive electric/acoustic string tone. The pickup has so-called "fingers" that dedicate dual piezo pickups to each individual string. This helps the Strados pickup to respond with a true electric-acoustic string tone that is rather insensitive to feed-back.

The E-series pickup looks most similar to a conventional violin bridge. It produces the most acoustic and natural sound of all Zeta pickups.

All Zeta pickups are MIDI compatible, but you must purchase the Synthony MIDI violin controller to use as a MIDI instrument.


- The affordable "Ensemble Violin", with an e-series bridge and and solid body.
- The E-Fusion violin brings together the sleek body styling of the Jazz Fusion violin, with the rich acoustic sound of its e-series pickup system. It has geared pegs, a semi-hollow body and an accoustic-like tone.
- The professional E-Modern Violin is a solid-body instrument with the feel of a traditional violin and an e-series Pickup System.
- The Strados Modern violin is a solid body model equiped with Zeta's patented Strados pickup system delivers a clean, warm electric violin tone.
- The Jazz Modern Violin, which is the summum of Zeta's digital MIDI-capable electric violins. Its Jazz pickup delivers a clean, pure violin tone.
- The Jazz Fusion Violin brings together the best of semi-hollow body design and the high-tech electronic MIDI features present in the Jazz pickup system.