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Traveling with a Violin: Tips for Transporting Musical Instruments

Instruments are sensitive things that are, adversely enough, exposed to wild environments.

They are used on street sides for busking performances, in venues with drinkers and party-goers galore, and in outdoor park settings, where awry grains of whatever can blow wherever they please.

Between shows, musicians are put in hectic positions, such as on the subway, a tourist-full hotel, and an airplane, where so many accidents are prone to happen.

The musician himself has a difficult time staying safe, what chance does the violin stand?

Violin vs. Viola: What’s the Difference?

I am often asked by non-music students, by people at lesson shops, or by passers at sidewalk corners, “What is that?” as a finger is pointed toward my instrument case.

My answer varies from one circumstance to the next: “It’s my business partner,” or, “A violin, it is,” or, “It’s a machine-gun,” are potential replies. I might, if the inquirer’s response suggests it, reveal the tool inside, which, lo and behold, is a violin.

Top Composers for Beginner Listening

For the beginning musician, selecting a good first set of compositions for listening can be challenging, as even sifting partially through the ocean of existing pieces takes much time and energy, and distinguishing between well-written and poor works requires an ear that is at least familiar with quality musicianship.

To find a great writing and know its excellence using uneducated methods is difficult as is; to locate one appropriate for a novice is a task that an unexperienced individual might lose hair over. The balance between droll predictability and overwhelming complexity is minute, and pieces whose technicalities can be interpreted by advancing students hide easily in the masses of sonic productions.

Shaping Your Sound

When talking about complex sound manipulation using effects and effects pedals and devices the first thing one should consider is the order of the effects. Of course, we’re referring to serious musicians who really want to take the best out of their playing.