Cracking the Violin Tuning Code: Guide & Best Violin Tuner Reviews

Violin tuning can be a tricky business. For guitarists, the pegs are a less-finicky metal mechanism that will stay in tune with relative ease.

In comparison, violin pegs are more delicate and made of wood, which means that changes in temperature and humidity will affect how the pegs react, causing the strings to become out of tune.

It is a common experience to become frustrated with your violin in between lessons because it doesn’t sound quite right, but your teacher may have said, “Whatever you do, don’t turn the pegs!”

This an important instruction for young children, who should leave the tuning to older students, teachers, and adults.

Learning how to tune the violin for the first time takes patience and guidance.

In this guide, you will have the information and tools to understand how to tune a violin with a tuner and by ear, a few tricks to help, and the best violin tuners that can aid the process.

Traveling with a Violin: Tips for Transporting Musical Instruments

Instruments are sensitive things that are, adversely enough, exposed to wild environments.

They are used on street sides for busking performances, in venues with drinkers and party-goers galore, and in outdoor park settings, where awry grains of whatever can blow wherever they please.

Between shows, musicians are put in hectic positions, such as on the subway, a tourist-full hotel, and an airplane, where so many accidents are prone to happen.

The musician himself has a difficult time staying safe, what chance does the violin stand?

Best Violin for Beginners: The Definitive Guide & Violin Reviews

When it comes to instruments, one of the most difficult play, as well as the most beautiful to listen to would have to be the violin.

Granted, this doesn’t include ALL stages of violin playing, as even the best beginner violin player still sounds like a screeching cat.

However, is it the violinist themselves that make the noice, or is it because they weren’t using the best violin brands?

Will reading through a list of top violin reviews help when it comes to upgrading to a better violin, or is that all just a ploy to sell violins? Well the answer, is both a yes and a no.

20 Best Violin Cases & Covers: The 2019 Guide with Reviews

Violin cases have come a long way since the days of a basic oblong black plywood case.

In the last twenty years, several companies started to produce space-age, modern-looking, and lightweight cases in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors.

Not only are there a multitude of choices for the violin, bow, strings, and rosin, but now even the case can be personalized to almost any preference.

This buying guide of best violin cases and violin case reviews will help you narrow down your search to the perfect one to protect your most prized possession.