Effects are cool. The possibilities that you have by combining electric violins with electronic effect devices are endles.

It is sometimes hard to predict how a fiddle will sound with an effect, since most effects are originally designed for guitars and derivatives.

However with some knowledge about how effects work and what the parameters mean, you can maximize your power and use your gear to its full extent.

For detailed info about how effects work and what they may do with electric violins, check the following pages:

  • Chorus, phasing, flanging and wah
  • Compressors, limiters, noise gates and expanders
  • Delay
  • Overview of best eletric violins
  • Equalizers
  • MIDI and synthesizers for the electric fiddler: an introduction
  • Overdrive and distortion
  • Reverb on Violin
  • Shaping your sound
  • Tips and tricks to improve your electric violin sound
  • Vibrato, tremolo, volume, panning, harmonising